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Please note that our conference has a limited capacity, and registrations will be closed once this limit is reached. Admission is based on the order of received payments. We encourage prompt registration to secure your attendance. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome letter

You are cordially invited to join the 14th edition of the LCA Food international conference, which will be held from 8 – 12 September 2024 in Barcelona, Spain.  

The LCA food conference is pioneering discussions and exchange on sustainability in food systems since the mid 90’s and takes place biennially, alternating between Europe and other continents. Over the almost 30 years of its history, the conference has become the world’s leading forum on the topic of sustainable food. It reunites hundreds of environmental professionals from multiple sectors (academia, private sector, public bodies, etc.) to share and advance food LCAs and related tools. 

If you are an enthusiast about measuring and improving the sustainability of food systems, want to maintain and expand your network, get to know IRTA, and enjoy the Barcelona experience, the LCA Food 2024 conference is “the” event for you.   

Context of the current edition

Healthy food systems for a healthy diet

Diets are much more than food; they are culture, identity, and a lifestyle, to the point that “we are what we eat”. Across the world, there has been a change away from traditional diets, characterised by high consumption of seasonal and local plant-based foods, grains, and fruits, towards a homogeneous, global diet made of processed foods high in calories, sugar, and animal fat, and sedentary lifestyles. This “nutrition transition” is highly relevant because modern diets have been related to negative effects on the health of people and the planet. Particularly, overconsumption of unhealthy food options has led to an increase in chronic, non-communicable diseases and obesity, even in children. Furthermore, overconsuming food requires producing more of it, resulting in significant environmental and social impacts as well as a large amount of food lost and wasted before it reaches consumers. Also, as the global diet Westernises, concern for the world’s food security and sovereignty is growing. In this context, it is essential to take action at all levels to further transform food systems to more sustainable and healthier systems, while simultaneously respecting local eating tradition and culture.

Life cycle sustainability assessment (LCSA = LCA + Life Cycle Costing + Social LCA) is an approach that applies systems thinking, identifying all processes along value chains that matter from environmental, social, and economic perspectives. It is a powerful tool to critically measure the sustainability of current food systems and help them improve their ability to build a healthy planet, in which food systems are a source of health for people and a guarantee of a future planet Earth for all.

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VISA information and entry requirements for Spain

Please visit the Conditions for entry into Spain page for VISA information. If you need an invitation letter to enter the country, please contact the technical secretariat.


All the authors that successfully submitted an abstract to the conference should have received an “abstract notification” acceptance/rejection e-mail on May 3, 2024. If you did not get any abstract notification, please contact secretary@lcafood2024.com

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The University of Barcelona is a Spanish public university based in the city of Barcelona. Its faculties are currently distributed in Barcelona and the surrounding area.

Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia, of the province of the same name and of the Barcelonès region. It ranks among the best cities in the world.

It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, about 120 km south of the Pyrenees mountain range and the French border.

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