Short courses - Special sessionsSunday, 8th September

Harmonized methods for cultivated meat LCA

Organizers: Hanna Tuomisto (University of Helsinki and the Natural Resources Institute Finland, Luke) and Nicole Tichenor Blackstone (Tufts University)


Date and time: 12:00 - 17:00, 8th September

Location: University of Barcelona, room “Aula Capella”

Zoom option: TBD

By invitation only. If you have worked or are actively working on cultivated meat LCAs and are interested in attending, please email hanna.tuomisto@helsinki.fi to introduce yourself and be added to the participant list. 

On-site attendance requires being registered to the Conference.

Description: Wide variability in LCA results for cultivated meat underscores the need for standardized guidance to estimate its environmental performance. Because of the nascency of the industry, practitioners face critical barriers in developing cultivated meat LCAs related to data availability, as well as data and system representativeness. Additionally, the choice of comparison products, byproduct handling, and boundaries of the analysis can significantly influence results, further underscoring the need for harmonized guidance. The objectives of this workshop are to develop consensus guidance for LCA practitioners on developing and implementing cultivated meat LCAs. This will become the core part of a short publication that interested participants will continue to co-author and submit in the months after the workshop. Participants will be expected to pre-read materials (i.e., an initial proposal of harmonized guidance) in advance of the workshop to make best use of the workshop time. 

Preliminary agenda

  • Introduction to the workshop and an introduction round of the participants
  • An overview presentation of the published cultivated meat LCAs
  • Discussion of the harmonization topics:
    • Should some standard be followed (e.g. PEF)
    • Methodological choices: system boundaries, FU, allocations, impact assessment methods, environmental impact categories, uncertainty assessments, comparisons with livestock meat/plant-based foods/other products
    • Data: medium ingredients, large-scale bioreactors, cell yields
    • Results: presentation of the results (grouping or life cycle stages)
    • Discussion: limitations
  • Planning the journal paper writing process
  • Discussion of other possible collaborations (e.g. creating a shared database, development of a tool for cultivated meat LCAs, other ideas)

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